Sunday, 24 May 2015

Barefoot excitement, my first segment

I am probably the last runner in the world to hear about Strava, but if I am not then you should definitely check it out. It is so motivating - I am particularly stoked by their segment feature, which allows you to pitch yourself against the local bests. Awesome.

I am simultaneously trying to make my feet hardier for further barefoot running - something which I am sure is only really achievable by doing exactly that - running barefoot. I probably went too fast to put down the segment time and have taken off some skin, but hey-ho.

One thing I will say if you are nutty like that - try to run on the road itself. I found there was less gravel and more comfortable that way.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


14 km run today, with no hitches, and I think I am back!
I may always have a fragile left ankle, and I may have to think twice before participating in technical night trail races again, but this is very positive.
Pace, however, was kept slow, although this is partly because my cardio-vascular fitness capacity has dropped.
More soon.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Another "twist" in the tale

For the second time in 4 months, hope has irresistably been growing.
I realised that my footwear made a real difference to how much my ankle would ache or even hurt after a run. The light shoes did not seem to create a problem. Having an explanation for the December sequence of pain-free runs was a big breakthrough.
I have been since working over the last 10 days on a gradual recovery programme.
Only this afternoon 7km into my "long" run (12 km) with everything going swimmingly, I twisted my bad ankle, again.
A passer-by was able to lend me a phone to call in help from my wife.
I do not know what this means - maybe it will be ok to resume again after a proper lay-off period on the same principles I have been working on.
What concerns me the most is that I am just not able to stay sufficiently focussed for long enough to avoid every rock and root, and I simply do not find on-road very exciting any more, especially now speed workouts and races are not really on my roadmap.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ankle injury and weight of shoe

Excellent (though lightweight!) guide to some lightweight trail running shoes.

My next line of inquiry is do the heavier shoes hurt my ankle more? I had a lot of success taking my light-weight road shoes to Morocco in December. Things went badly when running with heavier normal running shoes later that month.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Injury comeback?

Coming back from injury is a very difficult task, and I suspect the longer the injury, the greater the difficulty in returning with suitable slowness. Ian Sharman has some good insights on the process on his blog, although his issue has been a lot shorter.

I face a secondary issue now to do with fitness. Today I ran this easy 9 km offroad having felt really significant improvement after a 4km + 5 km + self-imposed day off. I had intended to do 6 today but went too far one way in unknown territory. Definitely a bad move.
Still, it has been amazing to do any running at all, I am grateful and need much wisdom for the next steps.

UPDATE: Feels like I might be back at square one :(

Monday, 17 November 2014

So hard

Yesterday there was the annual 10K run in my local park.

I went out to watch and encourage some of the children and teenagers racing. I don't know what it was, but something in me broke as I watched the final straight of the girl's race, truly they were giving it 100%.

I had to leave.

By the time I got home I was uncontrollably blubbing and my wonderful wife gave me a long and needed hug. I am so not over this.

I also have a difficult week ahead of me in December - I need to cause myself a lot of discomfort and even pain, in order to plead my cause with the surgeon again. I now do not know which will be the harder of the two, the emotional or physical discomfort. Add in a healthy dash of frustration as another three months fly (they don't fly) simply to see the surgeon again.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Réflexion sur une blessure de cheville prolongée

Le 24 Mars 2013, j'ai couru mon meilleur temps pour le marathon, mon 4eme, à Marseille, en 3:01:30, à chaque fois c'était plus rapide que la fois d'avant.

Avec un nouvel amour naissant aussi pour les  trails et les ultra distance suite au saint-Elyon dec-12, j'ai vraiment senti que j'étais fait pour cela. Casser les 3 heures pour le marathon n'était plus qu'une question de temps!

Trois semaines plus tard j'ai eu une entorse au niveau de ma cheville. Rien de trop grave, rien qui empêcherait une reprise apres quelques semaines. Le plus important était le fait d'avoir assurée ma place, grâce à ce temps qualifiant, au célèbre London Marathon. Quel cadre pour passer en dessous des trois heures avec toute ma famille et mes amis présents aussi. Mais la cheville n'a pas été rétablie aussi vite que j'aurais pensé. J'ai abandonné les deux courses suivantes et je n'ai même pas pu assister au démarrage de Martigues-Carro. J'ai compris: il fallait que je libère mon programme de courses pour la suite de 2013 afin d'être sûr que je puisse bien préparer Londres 2014.

Mais la blessure, au niveau du cartilage, s'est empirée, et jusqu'à un point que je n'aurais jamais imaginé: avec peu de fitness et une cheville endommagée, il a fallu que je laisse mourir le rêve. En 12 jours j'ai la possibilité de reporter une seule fois ma place pour 2015. Mais je ne vais pas le faire.

La vie peut être dur, même dans la course à pied. Certains ont perdu leur vie l'ayant fait, alors que d'autres persévèrent avec des handicaps de toutes sortes. Certains aimeraient vivre la joie de courir mais sont trop préoccupés par des vies difficiles, des conditions de vie reportant à l'insalubrité ou à la guerre pour pouvoir prendre cette échappatoire en considération. Quant à moi, ma blessure est presque microscopique et ne touche pas à ma vie "normale" (et c'est clair que c'est une vie privilégiée) ma cheville m'empêche de pratiquer tous les sports, enfin presque, et, bien sûr, la course à pied.

J'ai réfléchi un peu à la question: "est ce que je suis marathonien?". C'était devenu difficile pour moi d'entendre d'autres me présenter comme quelqu'un qui court. Je voulais interrompre et corriger: "je pense que tu veux dire que je courrais." Mais est ce que c'est si irréfléchie que cela? Suis-je uniquement un ancien du sport?  J'aime encore la course à pied - et je ne loupe jamais mes émissions préférées de la course à pied - et je rêve d'un jour courir de nouveau. Peut-etre que cela se réalisera et cette histoire ne sera qu'un petit détail dans une vie sportive sinon épanouissante.

Conclusion: zéro appréciation pour ce qui est évident, mais plus 4 pour ce que j'ai pu vivre par le passé et pour pouvoir encore suivre le sport, ce petit marathonien de coeur.